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Default Permission denied (13) "Pro tools 2018.10"


I just upgraded from Pro tools 8.0.5 and got a MacBook Pro switching out my Imac that is 10 years old now.
When I open my old sessions in the new Pro tools 2018.10 everything seems to work fine except that I needed to assign virtual instruments to all channels to get any sound to play but...aside from this the problem I have now is:

Error message as you see below comes up when I want to save this session.

"Could not save as "Song # 2_1_3" because Permission denied (13) while opening "rghqXRFFsvvsTBSX"
And error number 2:
"Could not save as "Song # 2_1_3"because Permission denied (13) while creating "bounced files"while translating Bounce settings.

As common sense I'm looking at the read & write rights on my folders and drives but have not solved this yet. Is it anyone who can give me suggestions on what to do?

Some facts:
My older sessions lies on a external harddrive that I have connected to my MacBook Pro, I have full rights to read & write this drive.
There are no big problems opening my old sessions even if there is info regarding the busses that needs to be taken care of but it works fine to load sessions.
Macbook pro Core i7, late 2014, 16gb RAM with Pro tools 2018.10 just installed.
I have changed the cache folder and save settings in Pro tools and all sessions shall be saved on another external hard drive I want to use from now on.

So, how do I solve the problem that I cans save my work? I have searched in the forum but can't find this exact problem it seems like.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When starting a new session and working there is no problem saving my work so this happens only with the old saved sessions from my Pro tools 8 version.

Please help! :)
/ Daniel
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