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Default error messages with Pro Tools LE 7.3.1cs4 Update for Windows

I'm running XP Pro SP2 on both my laptop and my desktop. the Pro Tools LE 7.3.1cs4 Update for Windows XP seems to have screwed things up on my desktop, and ProTools LE cannot locate my hardware now.

on the laptop, I get an error about a driver warning me that protools may be slow.

my desktop pc also generates errors from the korg legacy system stating that the audio driver could not be started. i noticed that it does not select a rate. on the laptop, this is not an issue and the Korg Mono/Poly sounds most excellent.

when attempting to update the firmware, the new firmware utility says i have version 138, and it is version 143. but clicking the update button, the mbox disconnects, a windows dialog box asks to update the firmware, and shows 2 iterations: at c:\windows\inf\oem12.inf and c:\windows\inf\oem17.inf. selecting either results in the same: the mbox2 shows up again, and the firmware updater from digidesign has failed with an error "failed to download firmware". is this related to the fact that i used to own a couple of regular mboxes before upgrading to an mbox 2?
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