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Default Presets missing from Xpand!2

Being that I am a Pro Tools First customer, I really have no idea if creating a case for my issues would even be considered by Avid. It's been over a week and I have not had a reply.

This process is quite confusing and my only hope is to find some answers here.

First of all, I downloaded my software after buying a Focusrite interface and setting up an Ilok account. And her are my issues.
1) I have no idea what my System ID is, anything I have tried to
retrieve it does not work.
2) I'm able to use PT First ( at least the basics ), until I try to use the
plug in XpandI2. When I click the library button, there's nothing
there. Everything I have found says the "installer" should have
installed it just fine. Well not for me, and I really don't want to
uninstall and reinstall all over again.

I'm thinking there is another one, but can't remember at this point. To have these kinds of problems right form the get go makes me wonder if I really want to continue even trying to use it. I certainly won't ever upgrade if I can't evaluate it first.

So any responses would be appreciated, but I have lost a lot of faith already in this product.

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