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Default Re: Possible to expand a HDX system?

Yes, you officially can. You can buy one right here from Sweetwater:

If you look at the description, you see that this is for those who already have the basic HDX card and software, and that this is purchaseable for expansion.

And Avid has said elsewhere that you can have up to 3 cards in your system.

Note that if you know you plan to get at least 2 HDX cards, you will probably do better pricewise to get the HDX 2 bundles that are already available.

I don't know if these are available from trade up deals, but they are available to purchase brand new. Here's some examples:

Some people might do better to sell their existing HD TDM systems and buy one of these new bundles, as opposed to doing the trade up. You may want to work out the math both ways.
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