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Default Re: Crash because too many AAX

Thanks a lot,

I see, I had to check so many things. I think it's easier to use BlueCats Patchwork and use the VST-Version of some plugins. In that case I have access to all my VST Plugins.

I cannot understand why they program pro tools like this. Why should a program load all plugins if I will never use it in this session? I am not a specialist but I would say: That's just stupid.

Why they just don't make an access to your plugins folder, like you have, when you use Bluecats patchwork and then you can open every plugin you want.

Ever heard of this: For a large number of books there exists libraries, and if you enter this library, you don't have to take 1st all books from all shelves just to have access to them. It's enough, if you take a look into a list, then go to the right shelf and take a book. It's not the newest invention.
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