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Default Re: Crash because too many AAX

Originally Posted by tipto View Post
Hi Partypeople,

I have the following problem:

It seems, that I have too many AAX plugins in my AAX-Folder. Pro Tools (12.3HD) becomes very slow and crashes, doesn't matter if I have loaded any of these plugins or how many tracks I have. I tested these plugins and it is not 1 plugin that makes problems, it's the amount.

Actually crazy: With bluecats Patchwork I can have as many VSTs on my HD (and access to them during a Session) but with AAX it doesn't work.

I use PT 12.3 HD, with Win 10, 64bit, Intel XEON, 16GB Ram, 500GB SSD (System + AAX), 2TB.

I have Plugins from about 50-100 different companies. For example:

--Waves 10
- T-Racks 5/CS
- Eventide
- Native
- Slate Digi
- Arturia
- Plugin Alliance
- Blue Cats
- iZotope...

Any ideas to fix this problem? More Ram? I actually don't want to put for each session the most of my plugins into my plugins unused folder, and write it down for every project...


First off exactly how many plugins DO you have in the folder? I don't know if there's an official max number of plugins one can have in the aax plugins folder but even if there is it must be a huge number.

Second: have you done the standard troubleshooting steps of removing ALL the plugins to the unused folder (PT will reinstall it's own plugins at startup) and seeing how that goes? If that works then you add back one developer's plugins at a time. I know it's a slog but it's necessary.

You can never have too much ram but in this case it won't help you.
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