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Default Crash because too many AAX

Hi Partypeople,

I have the following problem:

It seems, that I have too many AAX plugins in my AAX-Folder. Pro Tools (12.3HD) becomes very slow and crashes, doesn't matter if I have loaded any of these plugins or how many tracks I have. I tested these plugins and it is not 1 plugin that makes problems, it's the amount.

Actually crazy: With bluecats Patchwork I can have as many VSTs on my HD (and access to them during a Session) but with AAX it doesn't work.

I use PT 12.3 HD, with Win 10, 64bit, Intel XEON, 16GB Ram, 500GB SSD (System + AAX), 2TB.

I have Plugins from about 50-100 different companies. For example:

--Waves 10
- T-Racks 5/CS
- Eventide
- Native
- Slate Digi
- Arturia
- Plugin Alliance
- Blue Cats
- iZotope...

Any ideas to fix this problem? More Ram? I actually don't want to put for each session the most of my plugins into my plugins unused folder, and write it down for every project...


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