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Originally Posted by reichman View Post
The Dock eats up too much space? Frank, we'll all chip-in here on the DUC to buy you a bigger desk.

I love the Dock because it's so small I can travel with it and set it up anywhere. A Dock and an S1 in a flight case would be a great combo.

But to your point, you can use PT|Control on an iPad w/o the Dock and the soft key section on the iPad would be very similar to the Elgato. There are a lot of little iPad stands for doing that.
Yeah I know, I'm odd

I look all that unused "grey matter" on the dock and the massive jog wheel that I don't use and then at the streamdeck with 32 keys on endless levels and tactile feedback and it sits next to my keyboard at about half the size and cost of an iPad mini and say to myself: if it could only understand Eucon, there'd be room for even a third S1 with better ergononics.

Looking at the buttons of the S1 it seems like it's exactlly an Artist Mix with the buttons moved above the faders and slimmed down, which is great. There was a lot of unused space on the Mix and the Control. But for quick editing the hotkeys need to be close to where the hands are. A Streamdeck with Eucon would be killer, I could put 3 S1 where there used to be a Mix and a Control and still have as many hotkeys I want and I can place them where ever I want. Finder shortcuts, Keyboard Maestro custom macros and Eucon all on the same controller auto switching to your custom key maps when you switch to a different application.

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