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Default Yamaha AW4416 with TDM 6.7, fader problems!!

Hello there,

Today I am testing a Yamaha AW4416 to control Digidesign Protools TDM 6.7
The workstation is well configured and in Pro Tools I have select
CS-10 to be the MIDI Controller. So far so good.

Now, I can control the 16 faders of Pro Tools but it is not working
correctly, because Pro Tools faders are not responding the way they should.
If I stay on the same fader it works, but if I go to another fader and then
back to the one before I have to move it all the way up one time before it responds again!

I also tested with SX3 and Nuendo 3, and they both work great, without
these kind of problems, so I know its not some kind of MIDI delay.

Anyone can help us with this?
What can it be?

[G5 1.8Mhz][OS 10.3.5][DP 4.12][Cubase SX2][Ableton Live4][Reason 2.5]
[AMD64 3200+ 2000Mhz/1MB L2][XP-Pro]
[ProtoolsLE 6.1][Cubase SX2][Reason 3]
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