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Default MIDI Input from keyboard, lag before hearing sound

I have protools 8 LE, an BOX 1, and a MIDI Sport 4x4.

Everything was working perfectly last week. (i might just have to restore my computer.. but some software I install.. a new version of quicken, needs to stay so i hope it didn't cause the problem).

Here's what happens now:

Instrument track, with my controller set to input. I press a key on the controller, 1/2 a second later i hear it.

MIDI track - input set to my controller, output set to a real protues sound module. 1/2 second delay. You can actually watch it on the MIDI sports lights. when i press a key on the controll, the input lights up in real time. 1/2 a second later the output lights up.

This suggests the delay is software. Protools is either hearing the input, and waiting a 1/2 to output it, or it is having a 1/2 delay hearing the input.

Please help. This was never an issue before. It was all nice and real time.
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