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Default Re: Control 24 headphone cue mix help!!

Well, two things come to mind if I haven't missed something and without having the block diagram in front of me: (1) Check the routing of the output of your Master Fader for the headphone cue mix and (2) your Aux. Inputs on the C24 are not working. Someone mentioned once that when their talkback circuit began not working that they did a reset on the C24 and that fixed it. I don't know, but maybe that trick would work for the Aux. Inputs if they are indeed not letting signal into the C24.

Just trying to help so don't shoot me if these ideas don't work.

Hi Jeff,

That was ptobably me that you read that about, but ir was kind of a different problem. I think in this case, the cue mix may not be working because he is using Master faders to route the audio. Now, I also could be wrong, but If this gentleman uses Stereo Aux faders, he gets an input, so I think that he should use an Aux chqnnel instead, Now he should create a send for each channel that has audio on it's channel going out, and send it out the send as Bus 3-4 (PRE FADER), them create the stereo Aux channel and set it's input as bus 3-4, then go to this Stereo Aux channel and set the output as I/O 3-4. The last step is to patch the I/O 3-4 to channel 2 of the headphone amp and you know have mix number 2. NOW, for mix three, let's go back to his setup and create another set of sends on each channel thatl carries audio signals out and set the bus as PRE FADER and create a bus path 5-6. NOW, set up another stereo aux fader. Set it's input to bus 5-6 and it's output to I/O 5-6. Now, patch the 5-6 output from the hew Aux fader ro headphone Amp input 3 and there is phone three, Just make sure that the Aux channels being used are set as a starter at zero DB. You can control the overall output of these aux faders there or the headphone amp.

Remember to use the flip button and pick each each send you want to control now by using the faders in flip mode to control the independant channel levels for the new cue mixes, Do this for each send and you can control them easily from the C-24 faders.
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