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Default Re: hits mixed "In The Box"?

Originally posted by sdevino:
Wo its really too bad people can't separate their taste for the music from recognition of mix quality. While you may not like most of the bands sited so far it is actually possible that some of the mixes could be great despite the bubblegum nature of the source material. The studio musicians who play on these track are still pretty damn good.

My studio is doing all mixes 100% in the box. The alt/metal/whatever bands love it. I don't think our HD mixes are hurting for detail, balls or volume.

Some of you guys will become better mixers if you will learn to listen for technical quality even where you may not like the material. Would you call Les Paul a woos just because he did session work for Bing Crosby (famous dentist office musician). I am not a Toto fan either but their mixes and arrangements were outstanding.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Have a listen to the latest release by Fu Manchu. My good friend Matt recorded them...all on 2" analog....transferred to Pro Tools for editing and then multi outs to a SSL 9k. Compare these mixes to yours.
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