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Default Re: Pro Tools cannot find (all) my aax plugins.

Originally Posted by JesperT View Post
Hi Darryl
When I open Pro Tools this error window ( see attached file) pops up and I can't open Protools. Maybe you know what I can do to solve the problem ?
The best thing when you get an assert it to try to google the error

like google this...

"CFicAAXWidget.cpp" "assert"

maybe add onto the end of that search to only search DUC.

And with maybe a little looking around that will turn up this...

See if that helps. Don't worry the line numbers are slightly different, my first suspicion is this is the excact same cause. Line numbers likely have changed slightly because the Pro Tools code has changed between versions.

To answer the question in your PM, the E: here is not on your system. It's the drive containing the source code on the development system where Pro Tools was compiled. An assert is a simple programming way of checking something. A developer literally puts in a line of code like assert(color_name=='RED') and if that test is true nothing happens, and if false the program deliberately crashes with an automatically generated error message that includes in what source file and source code line number that assert is. Nothing at all user friendly about this, all designed for developers. Many of the more frequent assert error messages show a bit of laziness from Avid developers. They ought to be putting in better error checking that returns user-friendly error messages. (Hi Avid developers )

About back up I asked my dealer about Acronis and he said he couldn't find much information. He wondered why they offer two packages for 49 USD, when the one is for a lifetime and the other for one year ?
I have no idea because all my Windows Systems currently live within VMware Fusion virtual machines on Macs and get backed up with the Mac (and no you should not run Pro Tools in a virtual machine).

But a general piece of advice.... there are lots of knowledgeable folks here who can help you--but they won't find your questions buried in long threads. Start a new thread titled something like "Acronis - what version do I get?". But even better search for that info first, using Google search like I showed above, I suspect this has come up here before.

and it was hard to see if it was back up to a usb hard drive or it should be to Cloud ?
You should likely do both. I don't consider something really backed up until it is is stored in three different places. Ideally using more than one backup product and type of storage in case one thing messes up. With each copy made from the original, not copies of copies.

Boot/systems drives... meh who cares the thing you want there is to be able to rapidly recover, boot directly off a clone. Worse case you go reinstall everything. But sessions and user documents etc. they should be much more valuable. I would certainly back those up to some type of cloud storage (I use Google Drive mostly) as well as onto external disks, maybe with some stored offsite, maybe optical media as well.

Think though what you are tying to protect against. Failure of the computer or drive, failure of the building (it burns down, floods, etc.), theft, or ta da... dumb finger mistakes.

I expect that "finger mistakes" is actually the leading cause of data loss. Do not leave backups connected to the computer where they can be easily accidentally destroyed. Whatever you do for backups test they actually work, and you can recover stuff, but be very careful... that's an easy time to screw up and delete/destroy stuff.

And the most likely time that a drive fails is when you are backing it up. So now you have a dead source drive, a likely corrupt or incomplete backup in a target drive. Never rely on just one set of backup media. Even with Acronis have a pool of external drives you rotate through. And label them carefully.


There is a Pro Tools Shortcuts Guide PDF already installed on your computers. Hidden in plain site in Help > Pro Tools Shortcuts

All your other questions are best asked in new separate threads. Post each question once in the best seeming forum area for each one.

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