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Default Re: Pro Tools 11.3 and Yosemite

Originally Posted by aftermid View Post
You mention there is a driver required. Do you know if Avid has made this driver available? I can't imagine they've let this go on this long. Thanks for the info.
If your asking me ? First What you need to do first is post a detailed system list. Not just reference in your post which is pretty confusing.

Because for example without an I/O interface of some kind. You actually cannot do anything with just an HDX card ?

First as I said the problem only involved Avid HD I/O's it was not an issue with 3 rd party interfaces ...... so What I/O were you using ?

Also note I said the problem is fixed I think it is it was not 12 .4 I think it was 12.6.1 and again the problem only related to AVID HD I/O interfaces people running 3 rd party interfaces did not have that issue
System :
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