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Default Re: Presets missing from Xpand!2

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I am a Windows 10 users, but when I log into my account there are no links to any downloads for XpandI2. There are others, but not that. I can create an XpandI2 insert within a track, but when I open the XpandI2 module, there are no presets available.

The version ( according to the Control Panel ) of XpandI2 is

Another thing I have noticed is that when I try to use the actual application manager app, I can't sign in, even though I am POSITIVE I am using the right password. Very frustrating. I might try a different install on another computer and see what happens.

The installation of XPand2 is included in PTF. However the installer for 2018.7 (which I used) was broken and did not install the presets. The 2019.5 installer works. I used Win7 for 2018 and Win10 for 2019. If you still have the problem you should install the trial version of XPand2 from the AIM website and this will create all the presets for you.

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