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Default Re: How do you guys get better at Protools?

We all learn differently. What I've always tried to do from the very start when I first got Pro Tools (back with 7.1) is learn to do things the way the pros do. I found many good "how to" videos featuring several of the top pro mixers showing how they do things. I figured if I do what they do, I'll get better and better. Its paid off.

I've also taken some online courses to learn new techniques and get better at it. When I got a gig scoring a science documentary, I spent a week immersed in watching several film/score pros how to videos. I already knew how to compose music, and mix it, but the specifics of locking things to specific timecodes I needed to get some help on. So I just went out and found it.

Also, I make a point to learn at least 1 important new technique every week. Sometimes more than 1. And I also make a point to read or watch at least one new article or video on how to do this or that every single day. I don't always make it, but 90% of the time I do.

And the pros here have always been AWESOME for help and tips!
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