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Default Guitar Playback?

Hello guys,

First off, I didn't get my problems sorted with the Guitar Input and Bias products. I had some back and forth with one of the Avid guys who responded to my original question, but, there was no resolution. I ended up having to use re-amp to stop the signal of the Eleven rack coming through into Pro-Tools altogether when using the Bias stuff.

But this question has nothing to do with that this is a new one :) Now I want to play back what I have in ProTools, you know, using transport to play the MIDI tracks, and VST drums, and loop it like a 'backing track' - fine can do that easy enough. But what I want to do is be able to play along with the 'backing track' using my guitar, either the Eleven Rack sounds or Bias tools - don't really care which - I can get the sounds I want with each, but, without recording the guitar and using the studio monitors attached to ProTools to hear the backing tracks and guitar together (again without recording).

Now is this possible? I want to do this for practice purposes because I really suck at guitar and don't want to have to continually record stuff I won't be keeping.

Thankyou and Regards.
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