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Default Low res audio being recorded.

My system is HP Z440, W10, PT 2018.12, S6, HDX, HD I/O, X-Mon, Sync. New build of this system on W10 just 2 weeks old. Went to do a VO record session and found that live monitoring of the mic was fine, but the recorded .wav playback was very low bit-rate. Rebooting sorts the problem until Soundminer or RX7 are opened and then the issue returns until rebooted. (The PC system audio is routed out via the Blackmagic 4k Extreme balanced XLR outputs back into the PT I/O to get a higher quality of audio). Trashing the prefs and using the onboard Realtek soundcard as the system default output does nothing btw. Any suggestions welcome.
1 X Z440 W10 32GB RAM, 2 X Z420,1 X Z440 Windows 7x64,W10 X64, PT 12.8.1 HDX, 1 X Omni, 3 x X-Mon/S6, 1 X Scarlett Solo, 4 X Blackmagic 4K Extreme, NEXIS E4, Isis 5000, Dual PT1000 (9002) NICs. Synced with Nanosync Word clock.
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