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Default Re: Audio track clipping when trying to print

Originally Posted by Ezequiel Severino View Post
Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and this is the reason why i joined:

Whenever I try to print a mix and I route it to an AUX track called sub master and that AUX track i then route it to a AUDIO track to print (so Basic printing routing for a mix).

Now my issue comes when i start printing my AUDIO track starts clipping even though my AUX track and my MASTER track do not clip at all.

if i could get a a direction to what or why this is happening that be really helpful.

Thanks a Lot.

Ezequiel Severino

Hi! I donít understand your routing entirely. I guess you route all your individual tracks to the aux, and then print that aux to an audio track.

You also can commit this aux track so you donít have to print it real time.

But if you use the aux to do processing on the Ďmixbusí you could achieve the same by applying the processing on a master track (and then Ďprintí or bounce it)

In the way you do it, it could be the processing on your aux summing bus that causes clipping on the printed track. Do you see the meters clipping or does your waveform look clipped? If only the last thing is the case it could be possible that your audio is not actually clipped but you are zoomed in on the vertical height on the waveform. Press option/alt+a to restore your waveform view to default.

Also, if the printing source (your aux) isnít distorted and your session is 32-bit floating point, since you print internally, you can always do a little clip gain adjustment to fix any clipping. If you print out of the box da - ad , and it clips on your converter outputs and or inputs you cannot fix it afterwards because itís 16 or 24 fixed point.
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