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Default Re: Any ideas on channel spill for Field Recorder "Functionality"?

Thanks Mark

Yes I'm aware of those things you mention. One thing I must add is that on this production the Location Sound Mixer did not record a mix track, just harvested iso channels (up to 6 of them). And so the picture editor has placed all channels onto their timeline and as such if I expand tracks I often get 6 lots of 6 tracks for each alternative.

What I really would like to get to the bottom of is why AVID is exporting an AAF without the real clip name in the first place? And also why it is not understanding the original channel number in all cases? In the screenshots above you can see from the workspace browser that the strangely named clip ex the original AAF shows a channel number of "A0". I'm confused. A screenshot of the first matched track from the track expand process as per your description is shown. As you can see, what AVID thinks is channel .A1 is really quite a different channel in reality (the actual .A1 swap is the lower clip)

I have found that it's a lot safer to get the assistant editor to create me an AAF that contains all the sibling channels of each clip referenced in the main sound AAF for the composition. This is done via AVID. I import this "alternate channel " AAF into ProTools and then de-activate and hide these tracks. Then I can happily clear unused clips and be safe in knowing I have not cleared the clip bin of any unused sibling channels that could be useful later. This is why I use the MXF material from the editor as it means that I'll always get any audio that has been supplied to the AVID, and that I may not have received in BWAV form from the location sound mixer.
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