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Default Any ideas on channel spill for Field Recorder "Functionality"?

I've got a project on with AAF's supplied by AVID Media Composer with MXF files.

All is great, my editorial team have supplied me with all the goods, so no worries there.

There is a great deal of multichannel material for multiple character radio mics, plants and booms. What I'm finding is that I have the AVID filename as the clip name on the tracks. The channel name metadata does not carry thru with the clip but I can see the channel suffix, good enough for me!
When I do a swap (option-command-down arrow or right click) the logged clip name is then displayed in the clip but then the channel info is conflicting with what was there. i.e.: if channel suffix .A1 was there in the original clip from the picture editor and then I use the field recorder swap and access that .A1 which now shows with the proper clip name, it's often not the same channel as originally displayed? (pictures below show original clip and then the swapped version that has the "same" channel suffix, you can see they are different, waveform height is on default btw)

Does anybody else see this?

Which also leads me to my next question, how great it would be to be able to highlight multiple clips and do a simple swap (without creating new tracks) from say channels .A1-.A6? Too hard with Pro Tools it seems unless anyone has a good idea for me? I know I can expand tracks but I always get such mess afterwards that I'm happier to duplicate clips and swap them out rather than clean up the PT mess of so many tracks.

Any ideas gratefully accepted?

Cheers, Ray
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