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Happily running PT11 (HDN Thunderbolt) on a Mac Mini i5 Dual 2.5Ghz (Late 2012). Doing Long form TV shows with 12-24 source tracks and 12+ Submixes with Stems (although my Offline bounces only bounce at 1.5-2.5X speed). Also some small music sessions with 12-24 audio tracks and 4-8 VIs. I'm fairly conservative on my (Post) plugins (McDSP ML4000 for all my bus comp/limiting) and Avid Channel Strip, Izotope Dialogue de-noiser, and Allloy on most source tracks plus Insight and WLM for metering. I'm regularly running at 128 buffer and running cue mixes THROUGH the Protools mixer without having to do "Low Latency monitoring" (ie direct monitoring).

All that being said, I AM considering the trashcan Mac Pro since I may be doing more complex (5.1) posting and larger Music sessions in the near future and don't really want to have to worry about CPU headroom.
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