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Default Re: Pro Tools too complicated

Originally Posted by Slow Track View Post
Hello there!
My interest in the world of audio processing has grown out of my wish to record my music. My problem is, I am 100% inexperienced in everything related to music recording, editing, equalizing etc.
Avid to record my stuff, I bought an Avid Fast Track Duo interface. As I unpacked the product, I found a Pro Tools Express software ready to be activated and downloaded. I immediately proceeded to download it on my Mac OS X.
For the last few days, I've been trying to get started with Pro Tools, only to find out that it has been designed for audio engineers, not a dumb like me. I've been watching a lot of youtube tutorials on Pro Tools, and I keep reading everything I can find about the subject. Waste of time. It's way too difficult for me.
I'm giving up on the Pro Tools and am now looking for a much simpler and lighter software, equipped with a very simple recording and equalizing system - something that could just enable me to use my Fast Track Duo, no matter how much quality will be sacrificed.
Can you guys be so kind as to recommend a software that fits this description?
Thanks a lot.
I couldnt think of anything more complicated and frustrating than to start of green and move straight onto Pro tools .

For me it was a slow graduation from tape 4 track recorders up to the first digital recorders like Roland VS880 and so on . Im glad too that I had those as with the old tape 4 track there was no bells and whistles to distract you , and as time went by your recording techniques improved with it, Later , the roland VS workstations gave you a lot more to play with , but visually you got hardly anything to go by , so you were then forced to rely only on your ears ..., again a good learning experience .

These days ..........,

Even now , as a new pro tools user myself .., if im not constantly using pro tools , im having to re -remember / re -learn certain steps and commands of something I was doing with ease a few weeks ago (usually little things) , which I never had to do before with my other DAWs due to their ease of use , and therefore I could just concentrate more on the music creation ...,

When Im working on ideas for new songs etc , I will use my Zoom H4n as a scratchpad to simply push rec/play to capture ideas on the fly , and it has 4 tracks easy to use ,and a built in stereo mic also .

Only after my ideas are feeling solid will I begin to record that song into protools , because the minute I stop to think "how do I do that again " , then my creative idea I had in the first place gets lost

but Pro-tools can give you much, much more on the editing side of things (if you persevere) than my easy old daws ever could .

Reading manuals just makes me dizzy , you tube videos helps a lot , but are never complete enough .

What I found most useful was to watch the Mac Pro Video Series on Pro Tools , or even Lydia series of pro Tools videos ..., these cover complete topics from start to finish , and I found this the easiest way to remember , I suggest you check them out If you decide to continue on with Pro Tools
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