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Default Re: ADAT & S/PDIF Question

Originally Posted by Headlow View Post
Many thanks for that

The reason I was looking to do this is that when mixing all the audio is routed to the ZEDs Master channels which feed my monitors. If you try and route this back into PT for mix buss processing a feedback loop is created.

So I was attempting to send the ZEDs mix buss to an AUX in PT to do processing on, then send that to the monitors via the Fast Track.

I'm sorry I can't really find the words to properly explain what I mean

The only real solution is to get an ADAT equipped interface, which will have to wait I'm afraid.
You are just doing something wrong. These mixers are designed to do work with a DAW so this *must* be possible. All the tracks exist already right? So you are not bringing the individual tracks back into Pro Tools, just the stereo mixdown onto a new stereo track. I don't want to get into the details of what you are doing, but worse case just turn off "DIG MASTER TO L-R" and monitor the R16's mixdown directly (there is not much point to loop that back trough Pro Tools in the first place, just don't try to run mastering plugins etc. in Pro Tools in real time).

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