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Default ADAT & S/PDIF Question

Good evening folks. I have, I believe, a very stupid question to ask. Please bear with me while I attempt to explain myself. Its ADAT related, and ADAT is something I know absolutely nothing about.

Now, using the ADAT 'out' of my ZED, would it be at all possible for that to feed the S/PDIF 'in' of my Fast Track Ultra 8R?

The reason I ask is that I would like to mix with the ZED, set the Main LR outputs as inputs to an AUX track in Pro Tools (on which I could insert my mix buss plugins), then, finally have that feed the outputs on the Fast Track, thus linking the Master fader on the Zed to a master fader of sorts in Pro Tools.

I had hooked up a similar rig using a Mac Aggregate device, but this proved highly unstable, especially with large sessions.

As I already stated I have no knowledge in this area, but I have heard/read that ADAT and S/PDIF are somewhat closely related.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give,

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