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Default Re: PT10HD Q's - I'm Dated - MP1,1 - Lion - MLion - HDN - Etc

Originally Posted by Shorty Emcee View Post
Mac Pro 1,1 - Modded to dual 2.66 Quads - so 8x2.66GHz (Mac & Proc's on way)
16GB (Eventually 32) RAM
SSD's for OS and Audio - TRIM Enabled

Gonna run a drive set up for Lion
Gonna also run a second OS drive for Mountain Lion and follow updates till all set up to switch - haven't looked for discussion on PT w/ ML yet....
I wouldn't go with the Mac Pro 1,1 for a couple of reasons, but mostly because it is 6 years old already. It's still a decent rig, but as per Moore's Law, modern equivalents are at least 16 times more powerful. If you are intending to use it for a few more years, I doubt you'll be able to do so and keep up with the latest software/hardware.

First off, HDX is not compatible. Now, I realize you didn't mention any interest in HDX, but it is a road sign which signals to me that any subsequent "new" hardware and/or software will not be qualified. This means you may have to upgrade in order to use PT11 if you choose to do so.

It has also been confirmed that Mountain Lion will not be supported on the Mac Pro 1,1. Remember, we're talking about a computer that was built in 2006. I know Mac towers are generally built to last, but I'm just recalling the kerfuffle when Apple and Avid dropped PPC support a couple years back. Typically, you are lucky to still have support for a computer that is 4 or more years old.

Now that the next generation of OSs and applications will be 64 bit only (OSX 10.8 and Windows 8), they will no longer support a 64 bit chipset with a 32 bit EFI (which basically covers all Mac models released before mid 2008 or so). Essentially, you're buying a system that will have zero software support by the end of this year.

If you want my advice... get a Westmere (4,1 early 2009). Still clocks well compared to modern systems (it fathered current chipsets), and because it has a 64 bit EFI, it should still chug on for another couple of years.

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