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Default Re: Low Input Levels on my 888/24

how low is it ??? -18 dbfs may seem low , maybe you gonna recalibrate the interface if you just using synths . the -x dbfs calibration idea is to give you an ammount of headroom . if you would connect your synth to an " analog mixer " and you would level it to 0dbvu your interface would show -18dbfs ( which isnt even in the yellow zone of the 888s meters ). the output circuit levels the -18dbfs digital signal back to 0dbvu . ( if used with an analog mixer ) . i guess wrong " balanced " soldering may cause another lack of 6db . i cant remember eitehr the in or the outputs have to be " bridged " to have a balanced signal flow . ( its in the manual ) .

heres how i calibrated my interfaces :
sinus tone 1khz to a analog device with vu meters . the 1khz tone needs to be +6db that the vu meter shows 0dbvu . i calibrated the inputs to -10dbfs with that signal . so if a signal recorded with 0dbvu , the interface shows -10dbfs and the output to my analog mixer shows 0dbvu . thats how it works for me.

the bad thing bout that idea is if you wanna do a 2trackmixdown . f.ex working with a analog console
: your mix shows maybe +4 db on a peakmeter . so your still ~12 db away from a full scale signal .
either you lose now resolution or you have to raise the master fader on the board ( which might distort ) .
so i make sure if have 2 inputs calibrated to
-4dbfs . same thing with sample cds . those signals are already mastered ( whyever ??? ) . 0dbfs and you will have +18 dbvu on your console , you gotta move the PT faders without having WW3 on your monitors .

andandand , good luck

p.s i dont think the summit should distort by raising the level 10dbs . let us know what your " levels " are . but i guess i know what you mean , digital can be a little confusing .
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