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Default Re: Mac G4 1.25 Single Processor, AM3 card, can't find the card...

Originally Posted by DJTempo View Post
I'm gonna search eBay for a CD of OS 9.2.2. I've been installing 9, and doing upgrades from there.
Indeed, that may very well be your problem, OS 9.0 + the updaters to 9.2.2 will not work for a G4 for sure, they will work for PPC 9xxx and G3's only. Btw, if I remember well a OS 9.2.2 installer disk does not exist, the latest one was 9.1, then came the OS X installers with Mac OS 9.2.2 included.

As said many times before in this thread: you really need the original Mac OS installers for your G4. For a MDD 2003 (= the only model with a single 1.25 GHz CPU) the original installer DVD disks are grey and have OS X 10.2 + Mac OS 9.2.2 on it (or Mac OS X 10.3 + Mac OS 9.2.2, they came with the later G4 Models 2003 and they look alike, only the fine print on the DVD is different)
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