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Default Re: Best Core 2 Series Desktops-Results and Specs

Originally Posted by mykhal c View Post
X38, P45, and X48 as far as the 775 socket mobo's. i think i have some listed on page 1 of this thread. also on page 130 or 131 there is a discussion between DUC'er bladesq and me regardin' his ASUS MAXIMUS build. so from that point forward in the thread you'll find more P45, X38 and maybe X48 discussions and build info. hope that helps. and if time allows maybe wait until the newer 32nm i7 drops next year then pick up one of the older 45nm i7's that's on shelves now. there's 1 build posted here within the last 20 pages or so. just a thought

EDIT: P45's too
I was thinking I'd go with an X38, on either an Asus or DFI platform, I could also go with a P35 on an DFI platform. I've used the Bloodiron on a client build and it's really very solid. I'm running a very old processor now and I've simply been too lazy about upgrading so I think I'll just go with a Q6600 and call it a day.

I just wish Digi would get on board with 64bit for windows and allow us to use more than 4gb of ram
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