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Default Re: BUG: Can\'t access all busses (not visible on screen)

Thanks for he reply Geneouse.

To be more clear, the root of the problem appears to be that as soon as the second column appears in the list, the ability to scroll the list goes away. Its not a case of missing text but that the list appears to extend above and below the boundaries of the screen and there are no scroll triangle indicators as there are when the list is only 1 column wide.

This doesn't strike me as a graphics problem as much as a menu design flaw. I'm really curious to see if anyone else can reproduce this.

BTW, I'm using Matrox. My system specs are in my sig.
Windows 10 Pro x64
Avid HDX running PTHD 2018.x (latest)
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
Intel i7 Core 920
Matrox M9140
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