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Default Re: novice needs help.. PT 1st upgrade / missing plugins

Originally Posted by caz View Post
thank you.. so these.. like Blue Cat Patchwork or Nugen SigMod.. am i correct.. these won't work in PT First..
They won't because they are third party plugins
Originally Posted by caz View Post
and all of my other aax plug ins I've used with PT 10 and below before getting into PT First.. (because I upgraded my mac and peripherals).. they will not work with PT First.. but they will work if I upgrade to a paid subscription?
64 bit AAX plugins will work. Most/many plugin makers made 64 bit plugins when the change over happened. But below PT 10, it was 32 bit RTAS/DPM plugins so it will depend if those companies made 64 bit AAX plugins and allow you to use them (or pay a minimal cost to upgrade to 64 bit AAX plugins.)

32 bit plugins and RTAS plugins will not work with current Pro Tools. (32 bit plugins not working is pretty much common to all major DAWs in 2019.)
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