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Default Fader Resolution Problem w/ Presonus Faderport - PT 2019

Greetings Folks,

I just picked up a new single channel Presonus Faderport, for the sole purpose of writing fader automation. Upon install it seemed to work fine -- that is until I actually started to do some vocal rides on a mix.

Fader control from the Faderport is nice and smooth in 0.1 increments when the transport is stopped, but as soon as I start playing the mix, the fader resolution becomes erratic -- jumping anywhere from maybe 0.3db to 1.5db or more at a time, no matter how much finesse I try to use. When writing automation those same erratic values play back, so I know it's not just a display issue or problem with the channel volume indicator in the mix window. Fader control from the mouse or the mac book trackpad does not have this problem.

Anyone else encountered this kind of symptom with this or any other controller?

I'm running PT 2019.6 on a Mac Book Pro 2.7Ghz with Mojave. The Faderport is setup in PT as a HUI controller, it's connected to it's own dedicated Thunderbolt 3 port, and I updated the firmware on it to the latest when I first installed it. This particular mix is extremely minimal, few plugins, and the system is barely breaking a sweat.

Any ideas?



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