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Default VEP and PT 2018

I can not get Pro Tools to bounce out the tracks from Vienna Ensemble Pro {VEP} crashes every time, I have read multiple threads posted on the DUC, and still I have no success, I can render the stems in Cubase,but I want to use Pro Tools...If anyone has success please let me know your setup and how you are doing it.
I can get VEP talking with PT, I can record individual tracks, but when it comes time to commit, it just freezes and crashes

I tried step by step another forum user who says he's had success
"So I've tried this. One VEP instance on an aux channel instead of an instrument track, separate channel returns in PT not on auxes but on audio tracks (as I did before) and VOILA', it works !
Clicking "Commit up to this insert" from the VEP Aux track creates as many tracks as separate output channels I have on the VEP.
"Freezing up to this insert" works too.
Also, if I send the audio tracks coming from the VEP to a "stereo mix" aux, keeping the tracks' input monitor on, when I try to bounce from that stereo mix aux, it works too.
So definitely the problem is solved by instantiating the VEP on an aux instead on an Instr. track (wondering why... but anyways...).

But this does not work for me...So if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.
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