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Default Re: Perfect Hackintosh Build?

Originally Posted by mesaone View Post
Well, with all the bootloaders and whatnot... I think that if things go smoothly, I could do it in a day. But if I ran into a problem, I would have to sink a lot of time into figuring it out... As is the case with any new territory.

I'm at an impasse, since I can't afford a "real" mac, and can't afford to spend much time making a "fake" one. Oh well. I'm glad to hear some folks are making monster hacks that get the job done for cheap.
If you like give me a shout. Maybe we can work something out. Like I said, I helped a bunch of people get their Hackintoshs up and running.
Also did it with some users of this forum via email and Skype. All success-stories so far.

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