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Default Re: Midi notes completely disappearing ... including all backups!

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
...Having incompatible plug-ins installed can cause all sorts of unpredictable behavior...
itīs totally annoying to hear that again and again

what kind of interface is this rtas, if some crazy plugs can make midi-notes disappear ?

never had such a problem with logic, digital performer or cubase - there are crashes too (of course), but something like that - very poor

AND the question is: why is digi advertising those plugs (, if they arenīt compatible ?

not to mention that most popular plugs are not compatible (f.e. Vienna Instruments, Play, NI Komplete...), some of the coolest plugs / Viīs cannot be used in PT

reading all those threads users try to find a solution or workaround like hosting plugs in bidule, logic and so on really sucks

both performance and stability have to be improved - but when ? Next year summer ?
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