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Default Re: Midi notes completely disappearing ... including all backups!

Originally Posted by DigiTechSupt View Post
Neither of these are compatible with Pro Tools 8 and could be the cause of your problems. Having incompatible plug-ins installed can cause all sorts of unpredictable behavior.

It's possible the corruption occurred early on, but did not exhibit itself in the session until later on - which would explain why the backups are corrupted as well. What can trigger this is cached plug-in or other data. The 'state' of a session is saved, but the cached data (preferences, etc.) can change - which is likely what happened here. When you reopen the session, the cached data interacts differently because of changes in the cache.

If the corruption occured early on, it wasn't Kontakt that caused the problem ... that was only added to the session within the last 20 minutes and the midi that disappeared had been there for 2, 3 hours. The thing is, I'm not sure if I can recreate this problem and so I don't know if it will happen again! Which is a really worrying thought
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