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Default Re: Any suggestions for a reliable inexpensive interface for Pro Tools Win 10?

Originally Posted by Symmetry77 View Post
The Focusrite 2i2 looks exactly like the kind of thing i'm looking for, thanks.
Just 2 questions, what version of windows and pro tools are you using with it? And do you use the audio output for all windows functions, or do you only use it for pro tools?
Using 1 interface for both Pro Tools AND Windows audio can be a mixed bag(depending on the driver). Personally, I keep the two separate by choice, and have for 15 years. My setup includes a monitor/source switcher and I feed the optical SPDIF of the motherboard's own sound card. Plus, a well-featured switcher will do many more things that you might not have even thought of(yet) I use a Presonus Central Station(soon to be replaced with the Audient Nero) and have had it selecting inputs of PT-analog, PT-digital, iPhone, PC-SPDIF. And outputs to 3 sets of speakers plus subs. You could also keep things simple by using one the newer baby mixers(you really only need 2 stereo inputs for PT and windows).

As for the driver and using 1 interface for both PT and windows, give it a try. The dead giveaway that its not going to work will be if Pro Tools won't open a session because of sample rate(that SHOULD open). That tells you that Windows won't release the interface to PT
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