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Default Play/Edit Marker stopped follow timeline selection

If anyone can help me with this one, I would be very grateful.

In the middle of editing a session, suddenly the play/start marker no longer follows my timeline selection. I have the corresponding box checked in the "Operation" preferences (as it was previously as well), but it makes no difference. The symptoms are the following. It doesn't matter where I place the cursor. Playback begins at another place (the place where the cursor was when the behavior began). Interestingly enough, after I stop playback, the cursor blinks at the place where I was trying to place it. But playback is always at the other location. The only way I have found to move the playback point is to use the |<, <<, >>, and >>| transport buttons.

I assume that while editing, I hit some key sequence that either put PT in some different mode that I haven't noticed or changed some preference that I can't locate. I have tried exiting and restarting ProTools, creating a new session and importing my session data and tracks over to the new session, etc, in the hopes that I can create a session that behaves the way it was behaving prior to a half hour ago, but no luck. It seems to be a setting that has changed for PT as a whole instead of the one session.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I can't make any progress on the session in its current state.

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