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Default Re: 003 issue with 48KHz, w10 and Sonarworks

Let me clear up all of this for you:

#1-With all Windows systems, you need to go into Settings>Sound make sure that Windows is NOT using the 003 as its "Default Playback Device". That will free up the 003 to be under Pro Tools control for sample rate.(most likely Windows is controlling the sample rate at the moment)

#2-the Sonarworks analysis MUST be run at 44.1K only. Once its run and has calculated the correction curve, the plugin inside PT will work at all sample rates.

#3-Many people have had bad luck running the analysis on 002/003 interfaces. In other cases, I don't know the reason. In my own case, after lots of back-and-forth with Sonarworks, they insisted that my clock(internal to the 003) had enough drift that made it unusable. I borrowed a Behringer interface from a friend and was able to run the analysis without any issue at all. Was my clock messed up? Tough to know for sure, but using another interface solved that issue. And FWIW, my 003R failed completely about a month later(now running a Presonus Studio 1810c).

#4-the only way I know of to try the 003 one more time is: create or open any session at 44.1K(that will set the 003 clock to 44.1), Close the session and immediately open the Sonarworks analysis program. If it runs thru the process, that's all you need to get a calibration curve. If it still stalls out, borrow any interface for an afternoon, install the proper Windows 10 driver, run the Sonarworks program(saving the calibration curve) and then you can return the interface(you may as well leave the driver installed in case you want to repeat the process at a later date).

#5-in case you were not aware of this, the room correction is ONLY for listening/mixing. When you are ready to bounce the final mix, BYPASS the Sonarworks plugin. This is true of any of these plugin-based processes(like IK Multimedia ARC).
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