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Default v1.0.7 (Aug 17, 2011) Should I update to this driver?

The Mbox Mini @2010 Avid Technology control panel says i have package 1.0.5 and firmware 0.07.0

The AVID website says: Last Updated : June 5, 2012
Products Affected : Pro_Tools_Mbox_Mini, Pro_Tools_1_6, Pro_Tools_LE
Important: If you are installing Pro Tools 9 or 10, please download and install the latest Mac or Win drivers for your interface.

Since i am only using PT 8.0.5, and since there are so many problems with upgrades these days, I am not wanting to do it. However, it also says: Added support for Mac OS X Lion

I have Lion 10.7.4. on a macbook pro, and have no serious problems at the moment.

Would you upgrade to this driver?
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