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Default 003 Rack, Command 8, Roland XP-80 & PT

Greetings all.
Started with Protools 7 but moved to another state, rebuilt studio and decided to go with the latest PT.
My hardware is a Roland XP80, 003 RACK, Command 8 and Windows 10 running PT 2019 12.0.
PROBLEM: I currently cannot get input from the XP80 using a Instrument track or a MIDI track. I DO have input thru the AUX and MASTER and have sound coming FROM the internal sounds in the XP80. In other words, setting up an insert on the Instrument or MIDI track gets me nothing but the XP80 sounds. No insert sounds. What is confusing the heck out of me is "what do my inputs and outputs need to be on each track.
Here is some of my setup and hopefully you can correct what needs fixed.

1) XP-80 Keyboard = Sync mode set to INTERNAL. Other callouts for SYNC MODE are REMOTE & SLAVE. Im not sure which one I need to use virtual instruments on a Instrument Track or a MIDI / Aux track.

2) I have 4 modes on the XP80: PERFORM, PATCH, Rhythm and SEQUENCER. I thought I needed to be in SEQUENCER mode but now I'm not sure.

3) XP80 Local Switch is ON. I read a few posts that said On and OFF so I'm not sure. My MIDI cables are set IN to OUT, OUT to IN from the XP80 to the Command 8.

4) PT Settings: Hardware Setup / Peripherals = FW 003 Rack and Clock source set to Internal.
Playback Engine FW 003 RACK. H/W Buffer Size 256 Samples. Dynamic plugin processing box IS checked.
I/O - INPUT Set to FW 003 RACK and I selected DEFAULT The same for OUTPUT.
MIDI Studio Setup - Instrument Name ROLAND XP-80. INPUT PORTS ( The ports really confuse me ) MIDIIN2 (Command8) Emulated. OUTPUT PORT: MIDIOUT2 (Command8) Emulated. Send and Rcv channels all blue / checked.
MIDI BEAT CLOCK: There are 14 callouts here and I'm like WTH! I have all of them checked. Is this correct?
If I have a Virtual Piano installed onto the INSTRUMENT TRACK and tap the VI Keys, I get THAT sound from the virtual instrument. However, if I tap the keys on the XP80, I get the XP80 sounds. Still no DATA is coming thru the MIDI track. Very confusing and I'm on day 3 of this. It must be something simple that I am missing. Ant help?
WinXP Pro. 003 Rack, Command 8. Alesis Powered Monitors, Roland XP80 Kbd. Dual core 1.8 w/ 2 Gigs RAM
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