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Default Re: Pro Tools 10 Student Version- To upgrade, or not to upgrade?

It seems like a lot of new people want to buy mixers. Assuming that the mixer is just a 'plain ole line mixer', having never used a usb mixer before, I'm fairly sure that the audio that is passed through the USB will only give you a summed stereo track, meaning that you will be able to track drums using 8 mics but you will only have 2 audio tracks in pro tools, not 8, if that makes any sense?

I would recommend that you shell out a bit more on an 8+ channel audio interface, it may be a bit more money but it will be better quality and will give you a lot more versatility, check out the Fast Track Ultra 8r (USB), M-audio profire 2626 (firewire), or look at some of the Presonus interfaces.

M-powered will be fine for now but if you plan on taking recording any further I would go out and buy PT 10 native because it will save you money on upgrades in the future and if you get the education version it comes with 3 years free upgrades, at least it did when I bought my upgrade from PT8.
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