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Default Re: Any way to create Aggregate MIDI Input devices?

Okay, why do you not want to use ALL? Did you neglect to mention other midi controllers in your setup? I'm only trying to show how to reach your goal with the least number of steps. Maybe just experiment with things in the Midi Studio setup window? Another option might be to use an Instrument track with your VI plugin that only receives input from the keyboard(create a Track Preset so that the midi input path is set to your keyboard), then add a Midi track next to it with the input set for the "knobs and faders" unit, and the midi OUTPUT of the Midi track set for the same instrument. That would(should) mean that note, sustain and pitch info will go on the Instrument track, and the knob and fader Midi info would go on the Midi track(put both tracks into Record). You still probably need to use the Midi-learn function to assign the knobs and faders to the parameters you want(I am not aware of default CC assignments)

BTW, a "Track Preset" can actually consist of many tracks(so you can build a preset that has both the Instrument track AND the Midi track, with all the routing assigned. And, (in theory, at least) the Midi-Learn assignments should remain and come up correctly configured each time you call that preset(you could also build this into a Track Template)
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