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Default Re: Are we not due an update??!!

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Can't say that I've seen what you're talking about wrt MIDI sample rounding but then again I don't work in MIDI clips (yeah I went back and read through the 8 page thread you and a couple of others posted to). I just make my timeline selections and move things about as I need to - quick & painless AND I don't have to worry about missing notes.

As far as updates and not bug fixes - ARA doesn't do anything for me. What I'd like to see built into PT is Ircam time/stretch. I know it can be done in UVI Falcon but how about it as just a separate plugin? That way I don't have the cpu overhead that would be wasted working inside Falcon.

MIDI fx? Meh. If I can't play it in correctly I just have to keep trying and not rely on a program routine to do the job for me. Sequences & arpeggios? I play 'em in manually thank you very much. Then copy/paste as necessary. I like the human element when it's done that way. Drums being one of my instruments helps a great deal with timing.
How we all create music is different & personal to the creator particularly depending on what style & type of music we each create, so the midi sample rounding bug is a real issue for many.

I play more than one instrument, but modern forms of music have evolved, some even have been born because of technology (DnB, Dubstep....). We use fx, plugins (audio & midi) & computers creatively in ways many either don't try, can't be bothered, cannot do or are not interested in, so we can experiment and push creativity in new & fresh ways. Music, particularly in this modern age is expressed more widely with those who were born before & those who were born in an age with the use of computers in music......there are rules but there aren't any rules in creative expression.
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