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Default Re: Protools M-Powered-signal in but no audio on Playback.

I don't know about kabcio, but I definitely have the Pro Tools I/Os set properly. I have been using this version of PT for about 8 years, so I am fairly familiar with the DAW itself. I'm not sure what you are asking about setting the "physical output on the PMIO"? If there is a physical setting that must be done on the PM itself, I may be missing something. I do, however, have the I/Os assigned properly in the PM Control Panel software that is part of the driver download. However, my PM did not come with the original CD software, so I do not have the separate software that appears like a digital version of the PM itself. I have read that there are settings adjustments that can only be made by the use of that software (such as doing a firmware update). If there are I/O controls in that software, I don't have access to them.

I did combine the use of the PM with my old Fast Track Ultra, with the PM as a workstation control and the FTU as the audio interface, and I can at least use my system that way. But, that makes it even more clear to me that everything on the digital side of the PM is functioning properly, but nothing on the analog side is functioning. That being said, it makes me believe that it is a Mac setting that is giving me the trouble, not a PT or PM setting... OR there is a problem with the analog hardware in the PM itself???
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