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Default Ipad PTcontrol with ethernet connection

Hi all

I am not joking here. I am very serious about this.
Do not laugh at me or others who are think about electro radiation.

I want to get rid of radiation in my life where it is possible for me. Iturned out to be little elektro sensitive since a cellphone company built a big antenna in front of my studio. :-(

My zoom H6 is also very radiation sensitive. I recorded some wlan and blutooth noise with it and I found out that the wlan traffic is very heavy especially when ptcontrol is running. So i stopped now using the app.

There are some solutions how to connect an Ipad to ethernert
(Apple Ligning to usb adapter, powerded usb hub and the apple aub to ethernet adapter, all 3 in conjunction)
But this solution seems not loading the ipad I think.

If there would be a ethernet connection that also loads the ipad that would be the solution for me.


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