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Default Re: How to connect artist mix series to studio one 2

Originally Posted by shamanrock View Post
Yes I called them today only to be put on hold for 45 min to be told I had to leave email address and they would get back to me.

Haven't had any contact from them yet.

Thank you for this video link you provided. I too also wached this yesterday repeatedly. It's not helping me. He tells us to go to system preferences like the one we have in pro tools. I don't know why in studio one 2 producer I haven't seen any system preferences Which leaves me currently stuck.

I also joined they too do not cover connecting artist mix series to studio one.

Maybe this will help. Saw this online:

It is a Mac OSX issue and not an Presonus issue. You need to set HD/Library/Preferences to have R+W access for your user account, then use the Eucon app in System Preferences to add Studio One - that'll save it there after restart.

Step by Step:

From the finder at the top drop downs click on "Go" hold down the OPT key the menu will now display the hidden "Library Folder". Click on Library. When the Library folder opens Click once on you Preference folder. Click CMD+I or right click and go to "Get Info". at the bottom of the get info window it will show you a list of all the user accounts on your Mac. Make sure to add the user you are using and it should have read & write access. If this does not work just make the "everyone" user read & write. After this is done log off then log back in for the new permissions to take effect. Then repeat my process on setting up your controllers with S1.
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