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Default Re: How to connect artist mix series to studio one 2

I am pretty sure the Studio One documentation describes how to set up a control surface (HUI or Mackie Control), in this case you are just using HUI so set the Artist surface(s) up to use HUI and follow the Studio One manual. Other than that the video seems to provide a *great* amount of guidance.

The "Systems Settings' is not part of any applciation, its a part of OS X. If the EUCON sys pref panel is not showing up in the OS X Systems Preferences then you have not got the EUCON software correctly installed, simple as that... nothing to do with Studio One. Are you even on OS X? We can't guess. Either case, the documentation should tell you all you need. If you get stick in that then ask say what doc/instructions are following for help at some specific point you are stuck at. (and for Studio One HUI specific questions you are likely better asking Studio One support or on their forums).

Hopefully you know that HUI has more limitations than EUCON, including only 8 bit fader resolution.

If you are really lost with basic stuff it seems you almost need to pay for an instillation tutorial/user help, not really product support. Avid may not be willing to do that for you even if you paid them for phone support.
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