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Default Re: High Sierra - Audio Midi Beach ball

what midi devices do you have connected?

When I first upgraded to High Sierra my Midi I/O was good to go. When I installed the supplemental update a while later I started to get the beach-ball freezing. I was lost at first as I never had any freezing problems with the midi. Protools was also freezing at the initializing midi portion of the startup.
I ended up re-installing the OS to sorta reset it prior to the supplemental update but the same thing was happening. Ended up doing a completely reformat and clean install (much needed in my case) but the same problem is happening.

Work around:
No problems at all after a fresh booth. If I open/use/close Protools I would have beach-balling/freezing If I tried to reopen Audio Midi Setup or Protools. If I hit reset on the Midi I/O then Protools or the AMS will open. I connected the Midi I/O to my Macbookpro and I don't have any problems at all and it the 10.13.3 supplemental update installed.
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