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Default Re: Automation AppleScripts for Pro Tools (Mac)

Originally Posted by Oliver M View Post

have you actually read the PDF that comes with the installer?
You basically just run the installer and then execute one of the AppleScripts via KM.
yes. I must be missing a step. the PDF states,

All scripts get installed in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Pro Tools and can be executed from applications like FastScripts or Keyboard Maestro.

Also your original post states:

Macros for all scripts are included and ready to be used with Keyboard Maestro,
they can be found in the Extras folder of the Disk Image from where they can be
imported. Users of FastScripts open its Preferences/Script Shortcuts section and
add a shortcut to each script.

I am not able to find those Macros. Obviously I am missing something basic.
but please understand.. I am very new to all of this, and just looking for clues on how it's done so I can learn and eventually start creating.
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